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posted June 22nd, 2015 4:49 am


Today will be the last day to enter steps for the previous week (DO NOT INCLUDE MONDAY STEPS). Please have them entered by noon today (6/22). After 12 noon totals will not count towards your team.

We turned ofth 'leader board' for the duration of the challege...your steps will still count for your team, so make sure you enter them! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams are SO close, we wanted there to be some intrigue. We hope to see every team represented wrap-up parrty. If you can't make it emails will go out with all the winners of the night.

Awesome job to everyone who has made this a great challenge!

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posted June 19th, 2015 5:57 pm


We are in the final stretch of the challenge...only 2 more days to go!

Remember to enter your steps by Sunday at midnight.

We are excited to give out a lot of prizes to many of the 'steppers' - we look forward to seeing you all at the wrap-up party at Taylor's Tavern on Thursday.

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posted June 15th, 2015 9:42 am


Only one more week to go!!

Goal of Program
• To encourage participants to move more than normal each week for
   6 weeks. Hopefully, starting an ongoing fitness routine.
• To average 10,000 steps a day or average 70,000 steps a week.

End of Challenge Party
Thursday, June 25 at Taylor’s Tavern (upstairs) on Main Street, Greenfield
at 5:30 pm. Team prizes, individual prizes, appetizers and cash bar.

Weekly Stats
Keep Moving!      Keep your team moving – there is only one more week
                             to go! 4 teams had more steps in week 5 versus week 4!

Wow!                   29 ‘steppers’ had more steps in week 5 versus week 4!
Yea!                     46 ‘steppers’ averaged 10,000 steps or more a day
                             this week!

Don’t Give Up!    14 people who entered ‘steps’ in week 4 did not enter
                             any steps in week 5. Make sure you get your team
                             to enter steps!
Not Too Late!      If you forgot to enter your steps for the week, you can
                             still enter them for the 6 week 
grand total!

Top 8 Teams
1. The Barbellas
2. #Fitbit4life
3. Fitbit Fanatics
4. Sole Sisters
5. Sole Sisters 2
6. Y-Walk?
7. Wyse Walkers
8. The Fab 5

Top 10 Individuals
1.   Linda A.
2.   Bella D.
3.   Sarah D.
4.   Lisa D.
5.   Don J.
6.   Ellen D.
7.   Jacqueline M.
8.   Charlene P.
9.   Rosalind C.
10. Sandra H.


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posted June 8th, 2015 11:51 am


Way To Go!
Four weeks into the challenge and 20 out of 22 teams had 3 or more of their 5 team member’s record “steps”
28 people logged more steps in week 4 vs week 3
Goal:  To move an average of 70,000 “steps” per week
4 Teams had more steps in week 4 vs week 3
The top 11 steppers came for 8 different teams
End of Challenge Party June 25, 5:30pm Taylors Sports Bar
- Team prizes – individual prizes – door prizes – free food – cash bar

Top 11 Individuals                     Top 10 Teams
1.       Linda A                               The Barbellas
2.       Bella D                                Fit Bit Fanatics 2015
3.       Doug                                   Sole Sisters
4.       Wally F                                #Fitbit4Life
5.       Charlene P                          Y Walk
6.       Melissa A                             Walkers
7.       Ellen D                                 Wyse Walkers
8.       Sandra H                             Sole Sisters 2
9.       Tammy C                             Blister Sisters
10.     Rosalind C                           The Fab 5
11.     Jennifer Y
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posted June 8th, 2015 5:26 am by WFC staff

Week 4

Good morning!
Hope you all had a nice weekend - the weather was great for being outside.
That being said many of you have not logged your steps for the previous week, we will give those who have not entered until noon today (6/8) to get them entered so you can help your team!

Happy Monday!
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posted June 1st, 2015 11:24 am


Week 3 Franklin County Health Challenge – and use of conversion chart

Program Goals:
1. To move more than average each week – striving for around 70,000 steps for the week.
2. Have fun.
3. Enjoy being with your team – hopefully you are getting outside!
4. To help you develop an exercise habit.

Weekly Stats:
1. Keep your teams moving – encourage each other. Only 4 teams had more steps in week 3 than week 2.  Find time everyday to move more – this is for your health.
2. 32 ‘steppers’ had more steps in week 3 than week 2, WOW!
3. 5,000 bonus steps for talks. Only 2 teams came to the May 30th Saturday talk. The Barbellas and The Fab 5 – they got 5,000 extra steps per person for attending.

Use of the Conversion Chart:
1. Use your FitBit or pedometer to keep track of your steps whenever possible.
2. Use the conversion chart for activities that your devices can not register or register accurately.
     ie: biking, rowing, swimming, elliptical machines, water fitness classes, washing your car.
     Biking will show some steps on your device – only add the difference between what the chart reads and your device.
     Group Ex Class – use your device but only add the difference for the minutes of movement, zero steps for the balance/stretching/cool down minutes of class.
     Swimming – use your chart for the time you were swimming continuously.
     Golf  – Use your device only.
Top 6 Teams for Week 3
1.       The Barbellas
2.       Y Walk?
3.       Fitbit Fanatics
4.       Sole Sisters
5.       #Fitbit4Life
6.       Wyse Walkers
Top 10 Steppers for Week 3
1.       Wally F
2.       Linda A.
3.       Melissa A.
4.       Bella D.
5.       Charlene P.
6.       Sue C.
7.       Lisa D.
8.       Doug D.
9.       Ellen D.
10.   Tami  P.

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posted May 25th, 2015 5:52 am


Week 2 Franklin County Health Challenge Results

1.   The Barbellas             790,406 steps this week
2.   Sole Sisters               603,300
3.   #Fitbit4Life               531,846
4.   Heart & Sole              523,158
5.   Y Walk?                  522,389
6.   Fitbit Fanatics             512,472

1.  Doug Dedichew            226,619
2.  Linda Allis                 207,117
3.  Melissa Alosso             198,892         
4.  Bella Dickerman           193,825
5.  Ellen Dandeneau          185,916
6.  Donald Jalbert            164,470

Awesome job, everyone. Keep moving, keep walking!
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posted May 21st, 2015 5:14 am


Did you know that if you attend one Group Ex Class a week that you can add 5,000 bonus steps to your daily total? If all 5 of your teammates participate in a group ex class that is an added 25,000 steps!! 

If you are able to join us on Saturday mornings at 9 am for the Wellness Talks - there is also 5,000 bonus steps you can add. Your team has the opportunity to add an additional 50,000 steps if all teammates take advantage of both!

(There is no talk on Saturday, May 23, but join us on May 30 for a great talk about nutrition.)
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posted May 18th, 2015 12:26 pm


Week 1 Franklin County Health Challenge Results

1.)    The Barbellas                                789,134 steps
2.)    Fitbit Fanatics 2015                      569,184
3.)    Walkers                                          536,792
4.)    Heart & Sole                                  536,679
5.)    Y Walk?                                         526,465
6.)    #Fitbit4Life                                     516,880

1.)    Melissa Alosso                              204,651
2.)    Bella Dickerman                            199,316
3.)    Doug                                               184,070
4.)    Wally Fitzpatrick                           164,747
5.)    Charlene Poirier                            162,543
6.)    Ellen Dandeneau                           157,913
7.)    Sandra Habel                                 157,377
8.)    Jacqueline McMillian                     152,769

This Saturday (5/23) there is NO wellness talk...BUT join us on May 30 at 8 am there will be a Group-Led walk around downtown Greenfield followed by a 9 am wellness talk with Steve where he will talk to the teams about nutrition. Attend this walk and talk and add an additional 5,000 steps to your weekly step count. 

Don't forget to try and particiapte in a Group Ex class at the Y, one class free a week for non members. Get your card punched for an extra 5,000 steps and a chance to win a special prize. 


Are you still having trouble loggin in to the website? Contact Sara at shannon@ymcaingreenfield.org or call 773-3646 ext 434. 
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posted May 11th, 2015 5:15 am by WFC staff


The 2015 Franklin County Health Challenge begins today (May 11).

Start tracking your movement. Team with the most steps wins $500 cash!

Which team is going to win??

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