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Walks and Events

  • Form teams of 5 to help motivate, support, and encourage one another to get moving!
  • Each team will choose a team name, register (individually) here, sign up and pay $20 per person at the YMCA in Greenfield’s Welcome Center. Includes a t-shirt!
  • Using a pedometer or fitness tracking device, individuals will log their steps either daily or weekly.
  • All team totals will appear under the team name here. Weeks will run Saturday - Friday.
  • Teams with the most amount of steps logged on July 28 at 10 pm will win. 
  • Kick off parade through downtown Greenfield on June 17 at 9 am. Come bring your TEAM SPIRIT!
  • Closed Facebook Group to share stats/pictures that will count towards the TEAM SPIRIT award!
  • Grand Finale party will be Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at Taylor’s Tavern on Main Street.

Email us: or call the YMCA in Greenfield: 413-773-3646